Vidyanjali Portal

Discussion on Vidyanjali Portal

  • The Vidyanjali portal will enable community or volunteers to contribute by connecting directly with the government and government-aided schools of their choice.

  • Vidyanjali portal, facilitate education volunteers, donors or CSR contributors for school development.


Key Point and Facts

  • According to education ministry, any person who is a citizen of India or NRI or PIO or any organisation ,institution, company, group registered in India can volunteer and contribute in two ways:


Services and activities

  • Assets, material, equipment such as basic civil infrastructure, basic electrical infrastructure,
  • Classroom support materials and equipment, digital infrastructure, equipment for extra curricular activities and sports, yoga, health, etc.
  • Serving and retired teachers, scientist, government, semi government officials, retired armed forces personnel, self-employed and salaried professionals, alumni of educational institutions, homemakers and any other literate person can volunteer at a school that requests for assistance.

Source: AIR 

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