Jayaprakash Narayan

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  • The birth anniversary of Jayaprakash Narayan, popularly known as JP, Born on 11 October, 1902, JP spent most of his life in Bihar and was also called the “king without  the crown".

  • One of the prominent faces of the Quit India Movement (QIM), the 'Lok Nayak' is still remembered for leading the mid-1970s opposition against Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

  • JP, a follower of Mahatma Gandhi, was a stern believer in non-violence and mass movement.

  • In 1974, he launched a mass movement against the Indira Gandhi government and inspired people to be a part of the satyagraha against corrupt governments in Bihar and Gujarat.


Key Points and Facts:


  • JP spent most of his life in Bihar, however, he was in the US for a few years where he studied sociology. From the US, he returned to India as a Marxist.


  • During the freedom struggle, the 'Lok Nayak' joined the Congress party.


  • He was mentored by Mahatma Gandhi and spent major time in Jawaharlal Nehru and Ram Manohar Lohia's company.


  • His wife, named Prabhavati Devi, spent several years in Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram and was also a freedom fighter.


  • He played a pivotal role in Gandhi-led Quit India Movement and formed the Congress Socialist Party. 


  • It was a left-wing offshoot of the Congress party.

  • In 1974, when Indira Gandhi's government was accused of fuel against unemployment and corruption


  • JP led various protests under the slogan of “Sampoorna Kranti" or Total Revolution. This caught the imagination of idealistic Indians.


  • JP-led mass movement, Indira Gandhi revoked the Emergency on 18 January, 1997 by announcing elections. She couldn't win the election and made way for a non-Congress government in India for the first time. Under his guidance, the Janata Party was voted into power.

  • In 1999, Jayaprakash Narayan was posthumously awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award.

Jayaprakash Narayan, , Jayaprakash Narayan was awarded the Bharat Ratna, Important Personality