First woman finance minister of Assam presented budget

First time in history woman finance minister "Ajanta Neog" present annual budget on the floor of the house.

  • Four-time MLA Ajanta Neog becomes the first woman Finance Minister of Assam.
  • Ajanta Neog is the first woman Finance Minister of the north eastern state.

Value Added Information’s 

Women Empowerment & Women Role in Freedom

  • Role of Assamese Women in the Programs of Freedom Movement
  • Mahatma Gandhi, India’s struggle for Freedom attained the nature of a mass movement. Gandhiji involved both men and women in his various programs of Freedom Movement, the banner of Non-Violent Movement conducted by Gandhiji, along with the women of other states of India the Assamese women also were able to take part in the Movement for Independence against British Raj.
  • In both the destructive and constructive programs of the movement women of Assam proved their patriotism. The names of Kanak Lata, Bhogeswari Phukanoni are counted as the leading freedom fighters not only of Assam but also of India. 

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