Tejas an Smart Coaches by Indian Railway

An new era of train travel experience to enhanced comfort is being rolled out in Indian Railways with the introduction of newly upgraded Tejas sleeper coach by Western Railways.

  • An smart features are being introduced by Railway’s prestigious Mumbai Rajdhani Express train offer best in class travel experience.
  • Mumbai – New Delhi Rajdhani Special Express, one of the most prestigious & premium trains of WR have been replaced with brand new Tejas Smart sleeper coaches.
  • The smart coach aims to provide world-class facilities to passengers with the help of intelligent sensor-based systems.
  • Tejas is equipped with Passenger Information and Coach Computing Unit (PICCU) provided with GSM network connectivity, which reports to the remote server.
  • PICCU will record the data of WSP, CCTV recording, Toilet odour sensors, panic switch and other items integrated with fire detection and alarm system, air quality and choke filter sensor & energy meter. 


Additional Smart Features:

  • PA/PIS (Passenger Announcement/Passenger Information System): Two LCDs inside each coach display vital journey related information to the passengers such as the next station, distance remaining, expected time of arrival, delay and safety related messages.
  •   Security & Surveillance monitoring: Six nos. of cameras are fitted in each coach which gives live recording. CCTV cameras with day night vision capability, Facial recognition even in low light condition, Network Video Recorder are provided.
  •  Toilet Annunciation Sensor Integration (TASI): Two nos. of Toilet Annunciation Sensor Integration are fitted in each coach which will relay dos and don’ts announcement in the lavatories, whenever it is engaged.
  • Bio-Vacuum Toilet system:  Provides improved hygiene condition in the toilet due to improved flushing and also save water per flush.
  • Tejas type Sleeper coaches are manufactured at Modern Coach Factory (MCF) which will gradually replace the premium long-distance trains over Indian Railways network.
Source: PIB

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