Muslim Women Rights Day

Muslim Women Rights Day Was observed by different organisations across the country on Aug 01 2021 because bringing the law against the practice of Triple Talaq on 1st August, 2019 which has made the social malpractice of Triple Talaq a criminal offense.

  • The law against Triple Talaq has proved to be a “big reform” to ensure Constitutional rights of Muslim women which has shown “better results”


Discussion on Social Reforms

  • Government has strengthened “self-reliance, self-respect and self-confidence” of the Muslim women of the country and protected their constitutional, fundamental and democratic rights by bringing the law against Triple Talaq.

  • Approach to ensure dignity and empowerment of women from every section of the society.

  • As well as ensured dignity of Muslim women by bringing the law against Triple Talaq. Most of the major Muslim countries have also abolished Triple Talaq.


  • The Government’s policy of “Development without Discrimination” has created atmosphere of trust across the country.

Source: PIB

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