Vehicle Scrappage Policy


  • National Automobile Scrappage Policy will give a new dimension to our mobility with a new identity to our automobile industry.

  • Scrapping the vehicles in a scientific manner will not only remove the unfit vehicles in the country but also give a boost to the economy.


  • Aim of clean, congestion free and convenient mobility.

  • The new policy reflects our commitment to achieve fast growth along with reducing pollution and protecting the environment in our cities.


  • Active participation of the industry is very important in the government priorities like ethanol, hydrogen fuel or electric mobility.

Main feature Highlight

  • The first advantage will be that a certificate will be given on scrapping the old vehicle, whoever has this certificate will not have to pay any money for registration on the purchase of a new vehicle. Along this, they will also get some exemption in road tax too.


  • The new policy will attract the investment of around 10 thousand crore rupees along as well as thousands of new employment.

  • The new policy, which will add 30 to 40 thousand crore rupees in GST collections of Centre and States


RamanIAS View on Vehicle Scrappage Policy

We searching for new possibilities through deep ocean mission, while at the other end we are also promoting a circular economy as well as sustainable and environment friendly development.

Source: PIB 

National Automobile Scrappage Policy , Vehicle Scrappage Policy Significance.