Taliban Ideology and History

Discussion of Taliban Ideology

  • Taliban is a “genuine Islamic system” for Afghanistan where that would make provisions for women’s and minority rights, in line with cultural traditions and religious rules.

  • They are enforced a strict version of sharia law where women were predominantly barred from working or studying as well as confined to their homes unless accompanied by a male guardian.

  • Western films and books were banned, and cultural artefacts seen as blasphemous under Islam were destroyed.

  • They return to this style of governance in the areas it already controls a claim the group denies. we can say Taliban is an ideology.  

History of the Taliban

  • Taliban, meaning “students” in the Pashto language which was emerged in 1994 around the southern Afghan city of Kandahar.

  • Taliban’s founder and original leader was Mullah Mohammad Omar.

  • It was one of the factions fighting a civil war for control of the country following the withdrawal of the Soviet Union and subsequent collapse of the government.

  • It originally drew members from so-called “mujahideen” fighters who, with support from the United States, repelled Soviet forces in the 1980s.

  • Within the space of two years, the Taliban had gained sole control over most of the country, proclaiming an Islamic emirate in 1996 with a harsh interpretation of Islamic law. Other mujahideen groups retreated to the north of the country.

  • Following the Sept 11, 2001 attacks in the United States by Al-Qaeda, US-backed forces in the north swept into Kabul in November under the cover of heavy US airstrikes.

  • The Taliban melted away into remote areas, where it began a 20-year-long insurgency against the Afghan government and its Western allies.


Taliban recognize Globally 

  • Only Four countries, Russia , China including neighbour Pakistan, recognize as Taliban government when it was in power.

  • United States and the United Nations imposed sanctions on the Taliban

Source: IE and RamanIAS View 

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