MPPSC Main GS Paper No 2

Unit 1 Constitution

Unit 2 & 3 Governance and Politics

Unit 4  Political Thinker

Unit 5 Administrative structure


Administrative structure: Unit -5

  • Administration and Management: meaning, nature and significance, role of public administration in the developed and developing societies,


  • Development of public administration as a subject, modern public administration, principal of Public Administration.


  • Concept - Power, Authority, Responsibly and Delegation.

  • Theories of Organization, steps and areas of control and unity of command.

  • New dimension of public management, management of change and development administration.



Governance: Unit 3

  •  Community based organisation CBO , Non Government Organization NGO , Self Helps Group SHG


  • Role of Media and Problem (Electronic, Print and Social)


Political and Security: Unit 2

  • Role of caste, religion, class ethnicity, language and gender in Indian politics, civil society and public movement,


Internal Security

  • National Integrity and Security Issues.

Source: MPPSC web and Raman IAS Output 

MPPSC Main Syllabus , Constitution, Governance and Politics, Political Thinker, Administrative structure